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The bedroom is the ultimate place to relax. Whether you like listening to the radio in the morning, docking your phone or streaming music to rock out getting ready to go, out we’ve got the speakers for you! Or how about watching a movie in bed – we’ve got soundbars for that too.

The kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food, it’s usually the buzzing hub of the home; it’s where housemates gather and plan their days, it where your kids come to empty your fridge, it’s where you and your friends have a cheeky drink when you get back from a night out and of course where you’ll make that beautiful Sunday roast. A good kitchen deserves good entertainment – so plug in a speaker dock for some music or hook up a soundbar to make the most of Saturday morning cookery TV, breathe some life into the space.

The dining room is somewhere which can really be transformed with music; how about a bit of Buddha Bar Classics for a chilled dinner party? Or maybe it’s Crazy Party Mix 2013 for a kid’s birthday? Whatever the occasion, our speakers are perfect for adding to the atmosphere – check out our range of docks, soundbars and multimedia speakers.

You’ll spend most of your home life in the living room, it’s the place where you sit with your friends; have a good catch up, listen to your favourite tunes and battle on the PlayStation or Xbox. Or how about relaxing after a hard day’s work and watching a romantic movie with your other half… Otone provides the soundtrack to it all – Soundbar, docking station or full surround sound system.

Let the party spill outside – how about those summer evenings when you just want to sit out and enjoy the warmth or maybe it’s an afternoon bar-b-q’ing in the garden – our speakers bring a new dimension to your gathering. Thinking of a break away? Take our portable speakers on your travels and give your holiday a soundtrack!

"As for the sound quality, it's rather impressive..."


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